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  • Most Opticians only have access to a very small number of Snooker Glasses designs.
  • Most Opticians only make a couple of pairs of Snooker Glasses in their entire career.
  • Most Opticians don’t play snooker and therefore don’t fully understand exactly what is needed to make the perfect pair of snooker glasses.

My name is Chris Cheshire and I have played snooker for over 30 years, I also qualified as an Optician in 2001. I have been custom building snooker glasses for players for over 20 years. When I make your snooker glasses, I not only take into account your prescription but also your head position whilst down on the shot, your stance, and the type of cue sport you play. I have made Snooker Glasses for Snooker players, Pool players and Billiard players of all standards right across the world.

When ordering a pair of snookerspex, I will need a copy of your prescription and the measurement of the distance between your pupils as a minimum. For the absolute best results, its also really useful to get a couple of images of you in your cueing position.

These players are all wearing glasses by SnookerSpex.

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