The following are all GENUINE reviews received from GENUINE customers.

Hi Chris, Glasses are brilliant. Just had my first break dish in a year! Made up! Ian

Hi Chris, the glasses arrived on Saturday and they fit very well and the prescription is perfect. I can see the balls much clearer now when I’m playing.
Thanks very much, if you would like a review please let me know. Kind regards, Aaron

Hi Chris, the glasses arrived yesterday and I already tried them out on the table. I am very impressed by the quality and how light they are, they also fit perfectly.So just to say, I am really happy and thankful for them 🙂 On the other hand, it really does feel a bit strange, especially on long shots, as I’ve been playing the game for 10 years and never actually seen the cue ball and object ball so clearly, so they will take some getting used to, but I hope it is just a matter of time. Have you had this type of feedback from other customers as well? I remember it also took me a couple of weeks to get used to playing with the normal glasses about a year ago. Many thanks and best regards, Georgi

Chris, The glasses arrived yesterday. I had to go into my club (The RAC Pall Mall) for a dinner last night so I though I’d go in early and pot some balls for half an hour beforehand to see how it was with the glasses. They are brilliant! Thanks ever so much.  I can see so much more clearly now, although I have to say that my neck doesn’t allow me to get my chin onto the cue as I used to do. But I really felt able to pot as I used to 20 years ago, or will be able to with a bit of practice – I haven’t played regularly for 10 years.   I shall do so now.
Why I didn’t have glasses made a long time ago I do not know. I wish I had. Anyway, very many thanks for your prompt and attentive service.
Best wishes Maurice.

Snookerspex. Up until a  few years I’ve been using a basic of snooker glasses bought from specsavers, they were OK, but I had issues when right down on the cue, as they didn’t seem level and sometimes I felt like I was looking over the frame.
This meant I had to play with my chin about 8 inches off the cue, which was really badly affecting my sighting, my technique and also my results. So I decided to get a custom made  pair of snooker/pool glasses made for me, only one option open to me was through the internet as no optician near by me did them. I found the Snookerspex website and sent an message detailing all my issues, got a facebook reply back from optician Chris Cheshire the owner, and we discussed the problems I was having, and Chris agreed to make me a bespoke pair, and become one of my sponsors. I couldn’t visit in person, so I sent my prescription, photos of myself playing, and within a couple of weeks, the glasses arrived.
Immediately they felt better, I was right down on the cue and didn’t have to move my head, and was seeing through the middles of both lenses, and my game was back to its old levels within weeks, and since then I have won 3 titles on the WDBS snooker circuit, including the UK Nationals and two Belgium Opens, 3 medals at the European Pool Championships, and the 2018 World Wheelchair Blackball Championships. I would recommend them to any cue sports player who has vision problems. Many thanks to Chris. Yours in Sport, Tony Southern

Hi Chris, My Glasses arrived safe and sound yesterday. I guess the post is a bit slow at the moment. I am delighted with the glasses, thank you for your excellent service. At least now I can see how much I miss by ! Best Regards. Tony

Hi Chris, Just to say I have received my glasses.I wore them for the first time on Saturday. Obviously the guys gave me some stick but I won 6-0 .The glasses are fantastic and all the reviews I had read are definitely well earned.Thanks again Chris I will definitely recommend you and your great service. Kindest Regards David

Hi Chris, Got my specs yesterday, and so straight to the club! Amazingly, I potted the first 10 balls in a row! I thought I couldn’t miss (I did of course!).
I can actually see the object ball for the first time in my life! ( been short sighted since 11). Less neck strain, and it makes me think about which eye to aim with. – and I can still see everyone! It’s Lightweight and stays in place. Thank you so much for opening up the game for me! Cheers Amit.

Hello, I received the glasses today and I love them. Also thank you for your fast replies and I wish you all the best! Peter

Hi Chris, the spex are great, there like having a superpower! Thanks 🙂 Marc

Hi There.. This time though it is a very, very happy individual contacting you. Your package finally arrived, and I truly need to thank you.  Two pairs of perfect glasses, I was shocked and amazed. I couldn’t wait to try them out and now wonder how I ever managed to pot a ball without seeing them…  They have absolutely created a potting machine.. My excitement and joy at finally seeing those long shots is infectious and I know of one other snooker player so far that is already planning on placing an order. THANK YOU, so much.. Leo

Hi, just received my specs and they’re great – much better than my old pair. Many thanks, Fred.

Hi Chris. I’ve received my snooker glasses and I’m delighted with them, so much better than my contact lenses. Kind regards John

Thank you, the glasses are perfect, Jason

Hi Chris, The snooker glasses came yesterday. I thought I’d drop you a line and tell you that I’m very pleased with them. They are much better than my previous pair. They’re very light! Thanks, Paul

Morning Chris, I Cant thank you enough for your efforts in producing my new snooker glasses. With the various problems in not being able to cue from a recognised low position I thought it would be difficult to acheive a satisfactory result. Your ‘tweaking’ of my prescription, and more so remotely was spot on. I can see the edge of the ball at distance, and from the point of putting them on I was able to see the table clearly. I am delighted with the finished product and am looking forward to the remainder of the league programme. Your attention to detail and your dealings with me do you proud and I am extremely grateful. Kind regards and thank you again. Tony

Morning Chris, Good news… specs arrived Saturday and the adjustment you’ve done to the lenses has given me exactly the vision I hoped for.. Im very, very pleased. Thank you. Mark

Hello Chris.. Just wanted to say I am very pleased with the snooker glasses I received from you. I don’t notice them on. Very clear and makes my game more enjoyable, Regards Ivor

I have tried to get the right snooker glasses for months, my problem has been when wearing them I see oval shaped balls. I emailed Chris and he sent me the Checkside Rimless. I received them thinking here we go again I bet I wont be able to see out of them. So I went to my snooker match tried them and thought by heck everything is lopsided! I then got down on the shot and I could see perfectly! I am so happy and just want to thank Chris, he obviously knows what he is on about and has a great understanding of the game and glasses. Daz

Hi Chris, Wanted to say thank you for providing a great pair of pool glasses, I have to say they are brilliant. Recently I impressed enough to join a team. Also I have qualified at my local club to play a friendly against some England pool players. Obviously its not just the glasses that are the reason but they have given me crystal clear vision to help get the correct angles and keep my chin straight and true through the shot. Very pleased and would recommend to someone else in my situation not being able to wear contacts. Thanks again. Dan

Chris has been fab throughout the process of ordering my glasses, I did have to send them back to be adjusted, but it was done efficiently and extremely quickly! The glasses took me a couple of days to get used to them but what a difference they are! Wish I’d done it a long time ago, thanks again. Chris